A Rallying Cry For West Ham Board?

Jonny is a West Ham fan and this timely film is a rallying cry to the board. While the stadium move is a positive step, the board's ongoing efforts to turn the fans' beloved club into something more like a retail brand is alienating. Touching on important themes that cut to the heart of modern football, the film (link below) is an irreverent and ultimately rousing call for the board to remember that West Ham United means more to people than just a brand.
You can watch the film here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqaGkk1t_8o



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it says it all really.....explains how many feel myself included....and now apparently the board are steering clear of the foreign market and looking to buy british in January....bloody well about time....and yes I am going to say his name again...ASSOMBALONGA:-)

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Spot on - speaks for the majority of fans imho

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The perfect statement delivered...will the board watch & listen?? or will they continue their re-branding of our club in their own way??i mean come on "the westham united coffee company",seriously? that has to be a wind up!!
Watching the pics of the old east stand being demolished (where me & mine used to regularly stand by the away end)
really brought it home last week that the boleyn is gone forever...fair enough,but i hope & pray that the westham ive known all my life hasnt gone forever....

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