Randy's £5 Million Transfer Handy For Boro And Hammers

When news of Joe Hart's impending arrival at the London Stadium was announced it was obvious from the off that three in to two would not work from a goal keeping perspective, so something had to give. Rumours persisted that it would be Adrian on his way out, possibly to Crystal Palace, but it has turned out to be Republic of Ireland keeper Darren Randolph with a move to Middlesborough for a fee of around £5 Million which seems to be a relatively good deal for all parties concerned. Randolph will go straight in as number one keeper at the Boro and West Ham will have made a decent profit on a player they signed on a free, that leaves Adrian who has already taken to twitter to not exactly endorse David Sullivan's 'gushing' comments about chest pumping Joe! Adrian could indeed move on during the window, which would leave the slight matter of who would play in the two games against Manchester City? The prospect of playing a few cup matches and the two dreaded matches against City is not exactly appetising for Adrian or anyone else coming in, it should also be remembered that Hammers have already let their third choice keeper Ralf Spiegel leave! How will Nathan Trott respond to what will be him being 'thrown to the wolves'? - Ed



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I for one hope that Adrian stays but by all accounts Nathan Trott is highly regarded at the club and if he were to become official No. 2 this season the defence will need to be at the top of their game to help the keeper against City but with two ex City players in our squad a few handy tips will surely be forth coming.
Mervyn day burst onto the scene though he faded a bit later on I hope Trott can learn from those ahead of him and from Chris Woods. It would be nice to see the lad develop, even more so it would be great to West Ham challenging again and topping Big Slavs first season in charge.

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Don't think he's ready for this season, though -- we should hold on to Adrian for now, especially if we hope to go anywhere in the cups.

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Part of me thinks the club will get rid of Adrian but if we want to start acting like a top club we shouldn't! Trott is without doubt a no goer at the moment. You don't progress as a serious club leaving someone that young and inexperienced at first reserve.

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