Return Of Defoe Gathers Momentum

The old adage of there being no smoke without fire might be applied to the increasing speculation that 34 year old striker Jermaine Defoe could return to West Ham United, a club who many believed that he let down badly by 'jumping ship' following relegation many many years ago. If Defoe did leave Sunderland, where he is captain and their main hope of Barclays Premier League survival, then he would be held with vitriol to a new dimension! So is it all agent talk? Well it's probably a bit of talk from an agent and a bit of wishful thinking, but with Sakho out injured again and Ayew off to the African Cup of Nations then reinforcements will be needed up front. The player himself has expressed a desire to come back to London, so maybe a move could materialise. Sunderland would want big bucks, and Defoe would command big money. There is also the issue of long memories, which would be a shame, because if nothing else the past shows that loyalty has to work both ways. - Ed



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Dont blame him for wanting to leave that place ,kin el ,it would depress a valium

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Burkie 1

Sign Him Up

it was donkeys years ago - he was young and ill advised and lets be honest was way better than the championship - at 34 still has a lot to offer - I've always wanted to see a carroll/defoe link up for club or country - get him in

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No need to keep up the vitriol imo...i reckon he would jump at the chance to come back to westham but will the mackems sell??

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very well with Carroll.

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Defoe has been playing down this move.

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Am I'm the only one who wonders why we are suppose to be after him 6 mill plus for what? one season? And then we will be back to square one in the summer. Have we really got that money to lose in 6 months? It's poor business for me. That's if we get him and the price is 6. Plus if he will fit into the way bilic wants us to play (see zaza). It doesn't take a genius to see bilic only wants one upfront as do most of the top teams in the prem. so let's stop p1ssing about again and buy the best striker we can that can play a loan role upfront and is mobile, good injury record and has at least 3 seasons left in him. We are on course to just go round and round in circles for years on this unless we just get lucky!

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