Is Selling Kouyaté To Palace The Same Mistake As Tomkins?

To all accounts and purposes Cheikhou Kouyaté seems to be well and truly on his way out of the London Stadium with Selhurst Park the destination, Palace will pay a fee of around £10 Million for the Senegal midfielder who has been at West Ham four years. It was believed that Hammers would have preferred to sell Kouyaté to a european club, but such is the financial might of the Premier League that other than top four sides there are few in europe that can afford £10 Million for a good, but not spectacular, player.

It is obvious that Manuel Pellegrini has decided Cheikhou Kouyaté is a player who can be replaced with a better option, and that his playing time would be reduced due to the number of high quality players that have been brought in during this transfer window. However one word of caution is that West Ham sold James Tomkins to Palace for a similar fee, a move that came back to bite the club in the proverbial, although it can be argued that this season there will be more strength in depth, but it is worth bearing in mind.

Next time Cheikhou Kouyaté falls over for his usual breather while having 'sustained an injury' it will be West Ham fans whistling and telling him to get up! There are going to be a good few out the door in the next few days, and according to a smitten media Hammers are embarking on a 'second wind' spending spree that could exceed double the original budget that was 'leaked' to the Press ahead of Pellegrini's appointment, we have already covered this 'leak', why on earth would you disclose the depths of your budget to other teams?

We assume the original budget was always substantially higher than that was revealed to the Press and by the looks of things that seems to be the case, but there will have to be more departures than just Cheikhou Kouyaté! - Ed



I'm glad kouyate is on his way can't help thinking we should be asking around 15 if he goes to a prem club.

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Kouyate is a good squad player, Tomkins was a much bigger loss to the club and a better player though

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He may have been a good squad player, but started forattoo many games where he should have been on the bench. I used to like him in the team but the past two seasons have been slightlyless than ordinary...

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I have always liked Kouyate but have to say last season there were too many games where he just went missing. I hate selling to any Prem club unless we get something in return. As part of a Wilfried Zaha deal would be very interesting!

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Answering the question. The answer is no. Selling Tomkins was a big mistake. Selling Kouyate is like a dream.

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Good player but losing his edge over last two years
Tomkins really was the same and he may be good at Palace but wasn't all that at WHU

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Was not a mistake

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It was at that time. Look at the way West Ham had to rush back to the transfer market to get a replacement for him especially with all the injuries.
What did we get in return? Fonte, and Arbeloa who were worse in their performances as compared to Tomkins.
Looks like West Ham are set to sign Thiago Maia, the Brazilian midfielder from Lille. He is a younger and more talented player.

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The displays he had during the past couple of seasons were definitely declining and after four years it was probably time too move him on....I will not boo him when he plays against us same as Tomkins although that deal by bilic is still one that surprised me.

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I think Tomkins has a lot in his locker, and demonstrated that early at West Ham, but then did not develop as he should have. He was almost as tough as Ginge, but he could make phantasmogorical mistakes -- weak, square passes in our own half that led to quick goals; surging forward without support; failing to gauge crosses properly. And he was out partying late Andy Carroll style too often. After the transfer to Palace he cleaned up his act and became the player he should have been for us, which made us long to have him back, but not as he was before the transfer. I do agree, however, with those who say we didn't immediately replace him with "as good". I'm not going to miss him now, though.

Kouyate, on the other hand, is not as gifted as Tomkins but for an all too brief period he excelled for us. More recently he has been a passenger or simply gone missing and especially has not tracked back as he should. £10M is good money for him, I think.

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To score against us when we play the eagles!!Seriously though probably time for him to move on...
Phantasmogorical!!Blimey ashes you swallowed the dictionary mate??!!;)

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West ham should of held out for £15 million for a player who will perform for teams hoping to stay in the premiership hopefully we do not sell Antonio for £15 million

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Went missing too many times scored some great goals for us always remember the equaliser against Manure and he was really good for the first season at the Boleyn but I think the turning point was when he got outrun by the Donkey that we know as Rooney. And last season he did not move into positions to receive the ball and when he got it was sideways or backward never seemed to have any idea of an attacking pass this was why he was one of the first on the team sheet when Moyes was manager, wish him well, I think he will fit in with Hodson at Palace he's his type of player but he no longer fits in Mannys team

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