Sky Sports Predict Will Finish SEVENTEENTH! Yes 17th!

You have to hand it to those chaps and chapesses at Sky, they spend inordinate amounts of time 'bigging up' certain clubs and then do their very best to destroy them!

A classic example being Sky and the rest of the media's reporting of 'money bags' West Ham's recent recruitment, one minute potential world beaters and now relegation cannon fodder, here are Sky's 'algorythmic' findings that are based on a system called Elo*

*originally set up to rate chess players. It takes into account form, who the team still has left to play, and how well a team has done in previous seasons.



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What the mockers are saying, in Pellegrini we trust.

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What a load of old Bollocks,i wouldn't give any of it breathing space.

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Who predicted leicesters relegation the year they won the league,its all nonsense but they have to keep themselves busy some how

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All the more pleasing when we finish top 6 and piss everyone off

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we'll prove them all wrong! we'll finish 18th!

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The article did say this doesn’t take into account any changes in squads so basically wasn’t worth publishing anyway.

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I've seen their take before, and the "metric" is just based on the past. All it shows is that if we hadn't made changes we'd be in trouble. Apart from that it is completely worthless. (Well, I guess at the top it shows that the rich teams tend to dominate year after year and we know about that already.)

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Have you seen/read the number of articles across websites dedicated to last season's top 6. You'd think there was no teams below 6th! It's all a big wank with these berks and the more they toss off the big boys first the more air time their views get. Just need one or two of those teams to have an indifferent season and their views will change like the weather!

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