Some Bookies Have Stopped Taking Odds On Wilshire To West Ham

Frank Trimboli who is the managing director of Base Soccer Agency Ltd and a Registered Intermediary, is also Jack Wilshire's agent and he is not above planting rumours with the press, but his voice carries a lot of weight and after flirtations with Bournemouth and Crystal Palace he has put the word out that West Ham United might well be prepared to do business with his client. Wilshire is a Hammers fan which may have some sway, but it is more than likely game time and the retention of his current Arsenal salary that could possibly see him making the move across the capital from North to East. Arsene Wenger has recently used Wilshire in his starting line up, but it does rather smack of the Wiley old fox trying to ramp up the England midfielder's value ahead of a transfer out.

Now bookmakers are canny organisations that rarely make a loss, of course there are exceptions like Leicester City winning the Premier League which netted some die hard fans mega money from their £1 -100 bets at 5000-1, normally they aren't far off the mark when it comes to assessing the football transfer market or results odds, for example you can get West Ham @ 4/7 on WilliamHill which is a realistic assessment of Hammers next match . However betting is always a volatile situation that can sometimes be dictated by a punter who has consumed a bit too much tipple lumping on a whole bunch of cash on one particular transfer or result. Sometimes it is because he said, she said, her brother in laws uncle said etc information that they have received, and sometimes it's just a made on a whim but the consequences can really effect the market. Therefore when the bilingual Trimboli says something people take notice, his 'rumblings' about Jack Wishere joining up with David Moyes at the London Stadium are meaningful enough to see the odds slashed on him completing a move during this transfer window, Wilshire can leave on a free transfer at the end of the season so Arsenal will be keen to cash in unless he accepts a pay cut and be willing to be a relative bit part player at the Emirates.

West Ham United co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold will be very wary of taking on a player with injury issues, having had their fingers well and truly burnt by Andy Carroll's transfer and the horror show that was Kieron Dyer whose contract they inherited when they took over the club. Wilshere has had issues with his fitness in the past, his recovery from injury was hampered on several occasions due to the lack of playing time afforded to him by Arsene Wenger who only allowed him scraps and was happy to send him out on loan. So the initial stumbling block to overcome if a transfer is to be done will be the ridiculous amount of money that Arsenal will try to extract from the situation, secondly the player's wages demands and thirdly the fear factor the owners will definitely be feeling.

A fit Wilshire would certainly have a place in David Moyes' squad, and Ray Lewin will know more than most about Wilshere's past injury problems, but if a deal can be done to suit all parties then he would make a very healthy addition to an already motivated squad, however his arrival would almost certainly herald the permanent departure of Robert Snodgrass who is currently on loan at Aston Villa. David Moyes was initially keen on bringing Snodgrass back early from his loan spell, but it appears that Villa's insistence on a full repayment of the loan fee they paid and the break down of the relationship between Snodgrass and David Sullivan in particular will scupper that eventuality.

Wilshire could be a bargain basement 'Willy Carvalo' replacement, he knows the Premier League and his family are keen to stay in London, the only nagging issue is his injury record, even Arsenal want him to take a new medical before offering him a new contract on reduced wages, there must be a reason musn't there? Like we said the bookies often know best. - Ed



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Its a gamble ,his injury record and all but one we should take ,a midfield playmaker ,ideal conection for lamz n Arnie

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Burkie 1

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would be a good addition to the midfield but not the answer to a 'holding midfielder' imo. would add some passing and goal threat. good replacement for kouyate. we still need a replacement for Obiang in the first team imo. so wiltshire and carvalho would be good but i doubt we'll see that materialise.

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But I won't hold my breath on that. This is a cheap solution, to put it bluntly. Sullivan again shows his stripes: Moyes comes in and works his butt off turning things around and then suddenly we're 11th and (despite being only a few points off relegation) Sullivan is content to leave things as they are. Not signing Carvalho was the mistake at the beginning of the season, and now we still desperately need someone of that calibre (doesn't have to be Carvalho, I guess). I'm still dismayed at the board for not backing the Dream they sold to West Ham Fans. So, basically I agree with you.

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No brainer - have to sign him, pure quality and maturing now...

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