At Some Point A High Profile Man Must Exit To Fund Transfers

Hot on the heels of acquiring Villarreal star Pablo Fornals for £24 Million, West Ham United's as yet undisclosed but rumoured to be £31 Million bid for long term target Maxi Gomez has been accepted. Unfortunately for expectant Hammers fans a similar bid has also been accepted from Valencia, however the lure of the Barclays Premier League and the higher wages that the Irons are able to offer should see the deal over the line, but there are a couple of issues that will raise their ugly heads.

Primarily Gomez doesn't want to be a bench warmer should he sign for Manuel Pellegrini, on this issue at least he should be reassured, there is no way West Ham can make a 'Marquee' signing and then, unlike some of the 'elite' clubs afford to bench him. Media generated stories that Gomez is unwilling to come to the London Stadium unless he is guaranteed a starting berth have some liquidity, but what might be of greater concern is the 'big name' player who might have to be sacrificed in order to fund what is an extravagant but purposeful transfer policy.

The immediate names that spring to mind would be either Declan Rice because of his stratospheric rise to fame, or Marko Arnautovic because of his desire to earn more money elsewhere, but neither of these players seem to be the ones at risk of being sold, unfortunately Issa Diop may be the one who has to go in order for the club to move forward. The purported £60 Million that Manchester united are prepared to offer for a player who 'only' cost £22 Million last season will probably be too hard to resist by the board, it's a shame, but what would West Ham fans prefer, selling Diop or Declan Rice?

Of course in an ideal world the club would be able to retain both players, but the numbers don't add up otherwise. - Ed



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£60 million and Shaw would be the only manure defender worth having otherwise if Diop is to go then i feel it would be for around £60 million regardless of manures valuation and then the lad from stuttgart for £13 million and Maripan i thinks the name is of the other central defender we have been chasing for a wee while now...smalling/jones/rojas etc forget it they are rubbish.

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