Southampton AFC v West Ham United Team Sheets Now

Southampton: Forster, Cedric Soares, Van Dijk, Fonte, Yoshida, Bertrand, Clasie, Wanyama, Mane, Long, Pelle.
Subs: Tadic, Romeu, Martina, Ward-Prowse, Juanmi, Stekelenburg, Austin.
West Ham: Adrian, Tomkins, Reid, Collins, Cresswell, Song, Moses, Noble, Payet, Antonio, Valencia.
Subs: Randolph, Carroll, Obiang, O’Brien, Byram, Emenike, Oxford.



No we didn't have the quality harry to break that Soton defence down.
A centre forward with movement pulling defenders all over the shop is what we need.
Did you notice how many times Song (as an example) would have possession and then throw his arms in the air as if to say who the hell is making space in front of me so that I can pass without the opposition intercepting??
Zero movement in the final third for me.

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Exactly irons, the movement up front was poor,he had no outlet that's why when he tried to make a telling pass it was intercepted.Thats why the Sakho ,Valencia partnership was successful their movement was superb together

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I think Song was slowing our play down constantly. Also kept palming the ball off to Noble hoping he would create something. Add in songs appaling touch, non existent vision and his ability to rival cole for fouls given away and falling over he was sick

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Next time no more slow starts. We always seem to be chasing the game after pathetically slow starts. If Bilic wants Euro football he needs to address that going forward. Badly need Lanzini and Kouyate for pace.

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Agree these first 20/25 minutes laid back starts do my head in .. Newcastle Away was one of the Worst 2.0 down in 16 minutes .. Even against Villa on Tuesday at Home we started very Slow it's very Frustrating .. We better be up for it against Liverpool .. We missed Kouyate today for sure and obviously Lanzini .. Personally Sakho when fit and Valencia would be my Strike Force !

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West Ham were very lacklustre, there's no doubt about that. And the slow start saw them caught at sixes and sevens on the ball into the box that led to their goal. I think it was Valencia tracking back and Collins dithering that allowed that ball to squeak through to Wanyama. Dreadful. But both teams were poor and, without wanting to BLAME the weather, the conditions were terrible for any kind of quality to emerge. But that said, West Ham should not have been trying to play like Arsenal under those conditions -- we should have been more direct, and we should have been getting into the box much more than we did. If the team has ambitions, they have to do better than that. I would have taken a draw. Have to say I hated to hear the commentators fawning over Southampton while they were 5 points below us. All this talk about THEM getting into Europe just sent steam out of my ears. I'll feel a lot better if we manufacture a big victory next week.

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At least billic admitted we were poor and didn't play well. Don't know what Noble was on but he seemed to think we were unlucky and could have scored 3 or 4 goals. He also said we could take a lot out of the Game but not sure what he thought we Did well because I didn't see anything.

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than Leicester? So why can't we take it to opposing teams from the start like they do??

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That's what we all would like to know bobby,it really is baffling.Bilic looked proper fed up in the post match interview,I like his honesty but these slow starts are happening too often now,it has to be addressed quick smart because opposition teams have cottoned on and they are taking advantage.

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In addition to a slow start, I must also say that we have never gone into the match. Our best players were totally absent. Our only dangerous occasion and was the hit of Ried head. Bilic will have to change its approach to matches

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