Spurs Interest In Gomez Is Just Levy Up To His Old Tricks

You would think having a brand new state of the art stadium, champion's league football and a much sought after manager would be good enough for Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy, however his 'need for speed' continues to encompass his large energy wastage on trying to 'muck' things up for 'rivals' West Ham United at every opportunity.

Levy's unhealthy dislike of West Ham would appear to have been caused by his inability to win the London Stadium tenancy rights in favour of West Ham, but the bad blood runs much deeper than that. Which comes as a bit of a surprise bearing in mind how much Tottenham have fleeced the Hammers over player transfers in the last fifteen years! The deals for Jermaine Defoe and Michael Carrick being particularly galling to every one of a claret and blue persuasion, so why has Levy still got his London neighbours in the cross hair?

Quite simply Mr Levy is what we used to call a 'spoiler' at school, not content to have the newest kit, he would be the type of kid who would grab his brand new football and go home if things weren't going his way in the local kick about. The root is probably due to the numerous occasions that West Ham have dealt a terminal blow to Tottenham's aspirations, whether it be the Premier League or European competition, the "it's happened again song" must ring in his ears like a severe attack of tinnitus!

The irony being, each time Levy gets involved in a bit of skull duggery, he generates the 'energy' for Hammers players to play out of their skins, the more he does, the better they play! Levy's supposed interest in Maxi Gomez is a classic case, Spurs will be 'interested' just enough to bump the price up, at which point they will look elsewhere, and anyone who thinks this article is wide of the mark should ask themselves 'why would Gomez want to come and play third fiddle behind Kane and Song?

Spurs might be interested in the Gomez deal, but only to put a spanner in the works! - Ed



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He is not worth it...he wants Gomez then fine no problem just move on to another target....last time he stuck his oar in and got a player we wanted...Janssen...he paid i think £25million for a dud and that did us a favour...And we can all remind him next season that they will win Fu*k all again and watch the smug git squirm.

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Life's too short...

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Just heard we've been downgraded to category B by the spuds,same level of importance as visit of Brighton they say,they really do think there something else.

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Who the fack do they think they are.

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Its normally a cup final!!;)

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I hope we have to meet em away for a important game and we f*ck em up mate.
good thing about it cheaper tickets for our lot dave.

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First club to whip them at the toilet,it could easily happen again

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Etched in their history for ever mate.

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They dont like it up em!

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bring myself to say the word....MAN...is just something else!
Where was HE when Pochettino was whinging about there being no money to buy players last season???
Did he stump up....did he fairy cakes!!!
The man is a hypocritical tosser!

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But england women's 'equaliser' against Sweden just been disallowed,pathetic decision by an incompetent ref.do away with it I say.;)

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