Stadium Fall Out, Daily Star To The Rescue?

One of the red tops, the Daily Star, not usually known for it's journalistic credibility, actually published a couple of articles that tried to concentrate on the view of West Ham fans who had attended the 2 - 1 victory over Chelsea at the London Stadium, one line of investigation also focused on a post featured on a west ham website posted by a 'chelsea head hunter', the text follows but it is not exactly clear on which site it appeared, as generally only 'approved' members post on sites, perhaps this 'character' slipped under the radar!
<“You ICF (West Ham firm) s***s are gonna get what you’ve had coming for years a right good shoeing”
The sickening message appears to have been posted by a fan claiming to be a Chelsea Headhunter on a West Ham fans’ forum, It reads: “You ICF (West Ham firm) s***s are gonna get what you’ve had coming for years a right good shoeing.
“You’ve hid behind your lies and you’re cockney wide boy films and books but anyone who was there know the Headhunters were THE firm.” Since the 70s the Chelsea Headhunters – which had National Front links – have terrorised opposition fans across the country. Ageing yobs leading the firm have either been jailed or drifted away from football hooliganism in recent years. But ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League match with Paris St Germain in 2014 cries of “Headhunters” were heard as fans clashed in the French capital. The Met Police had been working tirelessly with West Ham to ensure wednesday's game at the London Stadium passed as peacefully as possible.
Chillingly the fan’s online post warned how “good numbers” of Chelsea fans have tickets for West Ham sections of the stadium.>
Until the segregation issue, including creating a 'safe' zone for fans to and from the Stadium, is resolved there are likely to be more instances of intentional hooliganism. The situation is compounded by the fact that in the absence of official protection fans may take to arranging their own defence, this would be a terrible situation but one that could occur unless there is a positive and swift outcome to the problem. All is not lost though, and the situation is redeemable, it just needs those in control to look at the bigger and long term picture and ensure that they show responsibility for the thousands of fans with families who have signed up for season tickets to see football not fights. - Ed



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From one who has been there in the 70's, witnessed the so called ICF and headhunters of Chelsea, this lot are a very poor version of a dying breed. and as a few have already said the media who are parasitic in their search for a story have really gone to town on us over the last few weeks. In truth the trouble at Chelsea when we played at their ground earlier in the season was similar and nothing was said on the BBC (who are the worst culprits) or the parasitic red tops.
Shock horror we have had 19 arrests and 27 banned so far!!!! Does anyone look at Chelsea's record this season, Millwalls or Leeds it's worse than ours but not news worthy!!!
I am a season ticket holder and the trouble we have had this season is no more than we had at Upton Park when other London clubs have come visiting only this time it's the Olympic Stadium, many are jealous we have it and many want to discredit us. We are not the only ones with a minority of morons who want to disrupt and fight, but we are the only club with the best ground in London and the other London clubs hate it so will try their utmost to get the media's attention whenever we play them and there is a disruption or fighting!
I just hope the FA can see it and ignore the current outcry by one or two Mp's trying to get us to play behind closed doors ( probably at the bequest of a certain Tottenham Chairman and several other London clubs who all wrote to Parliament trying to stop our move last summer!

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Couldn't agree more, as stated in another thread I was there too back then. But I'm not proud of it as I reach my 60's with Grandkids. I'm not giving the protagonists of those days anymore notoriety, I've mentioned them once thats enough. But Bondsy has it spot on. The old days are history, whats in a name? Just bits of kids, who have listened to the likes of Bondsy and myself tell what it was like then. Bits of kids who have seen Football Factory, Green St and the one with the Spuds AC's which I cant remember the name of. Trying to recreate past glories (if you can call it that). It's just a bandwagon that keeps on rolling, these idiots don't have a clue what it was like back then. But for some inane reason they wish to carry on with the crusade in a society that has long since moved on. It's pathetic, plastic and had it's time. Unfortunately now it seems, with Watford, Bournemouth and Middlesborough all making things worse, anyone is coming to have a go if they think they're hard enough. Why? That's down to sensationalism by the media. God help us.......

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Good article and a very surprising one from the Daily mail!

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I found the culprit for that nasty message nev,

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Was benny from crossroads in that as well?

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Crossroads now that had the most soulful theme tune lol

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Frankie abbott...please sir,they were the oldest looking schoolkids ever!!

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Mum your treading on me soldiers!

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