There Might Be A Few More Season Tickets Available, Why?

The arrival of Javier Fernandez has raised West Ham United's profile by a disproportionate amount, and so getting to actually see him live will be the preserve of those lucky enough to have season tickets or those who manage to get tickets via ticket exchange or are lucky enough to obtain one of the few tickets allocated via the members list. However, there might just be a few more tickets available and the reason is, it is common knowledge that people were able to buy multiple season tickets during the 'wild west' days of registration and that it was not necessary to produce evidence as to the age of the person a child season ticket was issued to, this loop hole led to wide spread abuse of the kid's scheme. This season things will be a little different, because all junior season ticket holders or their parents will have recently received the following e-mail from the club.

Dear Season Ticket Holder,
With the season fast approaching, we are ensuring we have the correct details for L**** N**** and their Under 16 Season Ticket. Our records currently show that we require proof of age and identification to validate their concession ticket.
This information must be submitted by sending a copy of your birth certificate, passport or driving license, along with your name and client reference number by one of the following ways - please do not send through original copies of identification:
Email to with a scanned copy as an attachment
Post to West Ham United Ticket Office, London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 2ST
Visit the Stadium Ticket Office 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday
To ensure you receive your Season Ticket in time for the start of the season, we require your proof of ID by Friday 28 July.

It is our estimation that as many as 3000 junior season ticket holders will be revealed as 'imposters' and that the club are unlikely to be very forgiving if it transpires there has been a deliberate falsification of registration information!
Watch out for a few gaps here and there, if not a few new 'genuine' faces many of course who may actually be young! Or do the club revoke the original ticket and then make it available to one of the many thousands of adults on the waiting list? Hence potentially trebling their income, now there's a thought isn't there? - Ed



Didnt bother last time cos i couldnt see the point...i know me & mine are not guaranteed a ticket but you never know (at least we should get cup games)!!
I do feel a few more tickets should be available for members but i also can understand the waiting list should have a chance as well..

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Driving Licence? Really?

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You can apply for a provisional license at 15 just saying.

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Yes, thought that was a bit strange about the driving licence!

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L**** N****... Lucas Neill? Why's he buying a season ticket?

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I previously said that I have a spare season ticket and when its not used by family I am happy to offer to one of the Orgers particularly those who live far a field and maybe visiting the area.

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"Wild West days" indeed.

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