Time For Hammers To Upgrade Half Time 'Entertainment' At LS

The atmosphere at the London Stadium on Tuesday night against Cardiff was a little tame initially, but it is amazing what a contentious penalty can do, so after Fabianski saved the pen the crowd were rocking. Half time things were looking up and most fans knew it would only be a matter of time before Hammers scored. The only fly in the ointment at half time was the excruciatingly naff 'entertainment' on offer, marching bands of the past were a thousand times more entertaining and they were bloody boring!

OK for many half time means a splash and dash toilet visit and a quick bevvy or two to wash down the not too expensive hot dog or meat pie, so many are spared what goes on at half time. The 'entertainment' has got worse and worse, originally ex-players would be asked what they thought of how the match was progressing, unfortunately results until recently have been so pony that the interviews conducted by the well meaning but hopeless young lady had become very embarrassing, so they replaced the interviews with a village fete type challenge that has nothing to do with football.

It is astonishing that the club's hierarchy haven't recognised this deficiency, the only reason possible is that they are too busy in the corporate dining rooms to notice the dross being served up at half time. Also of late there have been an increasing number of non Hammers related adverts on 'the biggest screens in Europe', definitely more Argos than Argus! The club are really missing an opportunity to engage with fans at half time, particularly the youngsters, the majority of whom would rather be seen dead than partake in the dross that is currently 'reeled' out.

The next generation of fans are vital to the club's continuing progress, by the time they are adults the Boleyn will be a thing of the past and like it or loathe it the London Stadium will be what they call home, the more that can be done to make match days a special experience, apart from winning, the better in order to garner the support of the next generation, and the generation after that. - Ed



I wonder what Brady would say if her apprentices dished out that kinda rubbish in the show? Maybe a case of don't do as I do, do as I say.

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As long as people (non westham fans among them) buy tickets to this place that's all she's bothered about...sad imo what they've been allowed to do to this once great club

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Hammerettes waving a hotdog will do the trick;)

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