Tottenham And Chelsea Eyeing London Stadium Deals

Chelsea have held talks with West Ham United over a potential ground share at the London Stadium during the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge, the club would prefer to play home matches at Wembley during the three years when their new stadium is being built, but have opened talks about other grounds within the M25 in case they are unable to reach an agreement with the FA. At one time they were even considering doing a deal with Brentford, as a possible move to Twickenham has been ruled out due to opposition from the Rugby Football Union and local residents. Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is unavailable due to the strict limit on the number of events it can stage, which is set by Islington council.
To further confuse an already 'hazy' situation, our old friend Danny Levy has kicked in with an inquiry about Tottenham ground sharing the London Stadium instead of using Wembley during their ground redevelopment, this course of action has been brought about due to the appalling string of results they have endured during their ill-fated European football adventure this season playing their 'home' games at Wembley.
While Chelsea's communication regarding a ground share has been direct and above board, the same cannot be said about Tottenham's approach. It seems that the recent official investigation (costing over £140,000) in to escalating costs was instigated by certain individuals who most definitely do not have the well being of West Ham United at heart, because the London Stadium is publicly owned and only rented for match days by the club there is a legal precedence that could see a sharing move forced through without the club's approval!
Of course such a decision would cause uproar among the Hammers faithful, and it wouldn't go down too well with many Tottenham fans either, the potential problems of sharing with Chelsea are acute and plentiful, but sharing with Spurs? Only harm can come from such a cash driven situation, which again focuses attention on the appalling lack of joined up thinking in the original decisions about the design of what was the Olympic Stadium. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but if only West Ham or Tottenham or Chelsea or all three clubs had been consulted ahead of the construction, such a crazy waste of resources could have been avoided. The common wealth stadium now known as the Etihad is a case in point how careful long term planning CAN actually avoid the type of 'white elephant' structures that litter the globe following the hosting of International sporting events. - Ed



Chelsea seeking to groundshare the olympic stadium,probably got a good case as the place was funded by the general taxpayer...nothing would surprise me & that should be fun sharing with them!!

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We could be in the Championship League next season, and so Chelsea's resources could ease the cost of thst impact. Fingers cross that we are not, but losing to relegation teams and dropping closer to that zone does not help.

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