Two Steps Forward One Step Back!

West Ham United are about to lock horns with Tottenham in a bidding war for £25 Million rated Michy Batshuayi from Marseille, the striker might want to link up with his old team mate Dimitri Payet at the Olympic Stadium as opposed to joining the North London outfit. The final results for both teams will also be a massive factor in where the player ends up, but it does seem that any deal will prove 'difficult' to conclude without splashing the cash! Hammers are also interested in Watford striker Odion Ighalo, who the Hornets are apparently resigned to losing for £12 Million, at that price he is a bargain, but why would his club not want to keep him? All this transfer talk is acutely pertinent given the news that Andy Carroll has accrued yet another injury, this time and abductor injury, or maybe he has been abducted by aliens who took out all his vital bits and replaced them with 'designed to fail' engineering! Even the most hopeful and generous of fans will at some point have to accept that Carroll, who of course hates being injured, is never going to be fit and available for even half a season, and regretfully the club should 'take the hit' and move him on. Sadly West Ham are no strangers to signing players with great potential at great expense, only to see them injured on a consistent basis, Stuart Robson, Dean Ashton, Kieron Dyer etc etc.
There are exciting times ahead, but sometimes you have to take one step backwards before moving two steps forwards. - Ed



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it would be a spectacular statement of intent. But I don't expect it to happen. The Dave's are ready to spend again in the summer, but they are not wasteful and they won't pay substantially over market value for a striker. Ighalo would be more like the sort of deal they'd make, but I think it may be someone else entirely. You're right about Carroll, Nev. That one was Sam's biggest mistake. We might have had Bony or even Lukaku, but BFS had just one style of football in mind. And he was going to build the team around Carroll -- Nolan, Jarvis, etc were all brought in at the front end with just one thought in mind. I'll be glad when that sorry situation is finally and fully over.

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Tbh if emenike doesn't impress we will need another 2 strikers and bony seems realistic for me as one of them. If fits the remit

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How much TV money have we got to play with ? Surely that has to come into the equation. Does every team get the same amount?
I haven't kept tabs on it, but the numbers I've heard make it seem ludicrous. IMHO they should all become philanthropists and donate half their wad to charity every month. No man can spend all these millions in 100 lifetimes let alone just one.

AC has to go the way of Ashton. Surely we're insured against it.

New strikers in, complement Sakho...cant wait to see him back with Valencia...they were potent. We need combo's to suit both players.
F^%k, I forgot we have Lanzini, too...Give me strength...

What an end to the season if we can keep them all fit...!

Can't wait for the FA Cup banana skins and a really strong start. First 20 mins will define the result.


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Bony defo fits the bill!!hes not had much of a look in at citeh,if i remember rightly they paid 30 odd mill for will they cut their losses & sell to the mighty hammers??

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Just think we could have had him for 8m on 40 grand a week and only 24 at the time dave/red,missed a trick big time :(

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If only we knew eh!!;)

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If I only had a penny for every time I thought that. (Rolls eyes and sighs)

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If Payet's 5 year contract at £120000 a week is a big statement of intent the club has made ,then signing Batshuayi one of the top forwards in Europe for £25m plus will be up there with it.Your talking about a player who any top side in Europe would be after,if they had room in their side, Westham may swing it with the new stadium and status it will take on,if it happens it will leave Spurs frothing at the mouth.Sullivan said two marquee signings they will be looking to bring in,makes me wonder what other position the club are looking to strengthen?Like you state Nev,Carroll's injury proneness is a constant problem,the remainder of the season will be his last chance to convince whether he has a future at the club.Feel gutted for the player,as he is quality,but the club has to come first,and I think they will offload.

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what I could do with 120k a week. I could retire and play football!!!

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Nice 1 La Vida :)

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