West Ham Season Ticket On Line Meltdown - What A Surprise?

As many, often younger, tech savvy Hammers fans anticipated the West Ham United e-ticketing site for season ticket renewals has gone into meltdown and is currently unavailable, visitors to the site are met with the following message :

We’ll be back soon!

Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. We’ll be back online shortly!

So there you have it, expect more than a few delays if you are trying to renew your season tickets, we at the Org wonder if this is a cunning plan in order to give some tickets to those who have paid to be on the 'enormous' waiting list, each having coughed up a tenner for the privilege!

Did anyone at the club not realise there would be a flood of applications following the announcement of Manuel Pellegrini as manager? Crikey, the hierarchy push the boat out to bring a top man in and yet the infrasrtucture was not primed for the event! Only at West Ham could this happen, it really is time for the club to stop doing things on the cheap, there is enough money sloshing around in the Premier League to avoid penny pinching, it has the reverse effect and ends up losing the club money in the long run.

Hopefullly the 'boffins at base E20' will find some plasters to administer the required first aid to patch up the system! We'll keep you posted - Ed

The system is back on line but with a little sting in the tail, fans renewing should be aware that multiple renewals will have to be done individually in order to use 'club cash' accrued from ticket sales, if you attempt to renew one adult and two under 16's for example, only the club cash on the adult renewal will be deducted, if you have club cah on your kid's season tickets then you will have to renew seperately otherwise you will not have their club cash deducted from the total you are asked to pay!


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