What Is It With Bent And West Ham?

Many moons ago, West Ham United attempted to sign Darren Bent from Charlton, the player eventually decided to go to arch rivals Tottenham instead, despite agreeing a deal in principal to join the Irons. So there was a bit of 'bad blood' there, especially from Hammers fans who thought Bent's agent had just used the club as a 'springboard' to get his client a better deal, "no harm in that" you may say, and you would be correct, so why on earth has Darren Bent, now he can no longer play, insist on putting the knife in to West Ham at every opportunity?

His latest tirade about Hammers wanting to cut their losses by selling Felipe Anderson are pure conjecture, some might say "the vacuous ramblings of a bitter human being", others might be less charitable than that, either way he seems hell bent (excuse the pun) on causing as much damage and fabricating as much negativity as he can regarding the Irons. It is not just the Anderson story that he has 'revealed', if you cast an eye on archived articles about West Ham you will notice the disproportionate amount of negative articles he has written about the club ever since he became a 'pundit', and we use that word in the losest possible way.

Bent's own career hardly took off after joining the 'Levy boys', although he did he manage to score 18 goals in 60 appearances during his two year tenure at White Hart Lane, still only 36 years old, he casts his eyes enviously at players who are around his age who are earning the sort of money he can only dream of now, perhaps that is why his comments contain so much vitriol? He only announced his retirement from playing on the 25th of July 2019, but spent his last three years in the lower divisions finishing up at Derby County where he was loaned out to Burton Albion.

A non drinking Christain, he obviously feels his devout nature gives him a 'god given' right to pass judgment on lesser mortals, we would suggest he takes a long hard look at himself in the mirror, not the nasty tabloid he writes for, but the large one in his house that he must stare at every day, today being even more special because it is the day he is supposed to have resurrected himself! - Ed Jnr



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The rantings of of a bitter religious fanatic

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No ones interested in anything he has to say. Most of his ramblings are on rubbish third rate attention seeking websites. Bang average footballer that made a lot money out of footie. He was an Arsenal fan as a kid. Not sure about a religious fanatic, not whiter than white given formal caution by police in June 2004 after he was alleged to have shot a 12-year-old with a pellet gun! Doesn't sound very Christian to me!

Club career

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Why oh why does anyone care what is written by whom, about whom and where it is written. I f you don't agree with it treat it for whit it is.
Tomorrow's garbage.

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