Will Relegation Ruin Irons Or Not?

The contentious issue as to whether the Barclays Premier League should be continued, null and voided or decided on a 'Duckworth Lewis' type sliding scale, looks set to rumble on with Government directives still vague as to when or if it is safe and practical for 'project re-start' to actually happen. Baroness Brady did the Irons no favours by prematurely stating that the season should be declared null and void, and although her opinion was shared by many other club directors, she did put West Ham United on the spot because of the club's self interest in avoiding relegation.

The funding for 'parachute' payments for teams relegated from the Barclays Premier League are still in place despite the Covid-19 Pandemic as they were planned ahead of the event under the assumption that it would be a 'normal' season of promotion and relegation, and while those teams occupying the bottom six positions will fight tooth and nail to have the season declared null and void, those above will want the season to continue until it's fruition.

So while relegation would obviously be unpleasant, it would not represent the same catastrophic financial disaster that relegation from the 2021-22 season will bring about due to what will definitely be a reduction of funding right across the game in all formats. If West Ham were to be relegated would it be so much of an unmitigated disaster? Not really, yes some of the 'big names' might move on, and of course Chelsea, Man Utd and others including Real Madrid apparently, will try to prise Declan Rice from the club, but if the ship can be steadied there is no reason why ONE season in the lower league wouldn't be beneficial.

According to the club's spin there is an enormous waiting list for season tickets at the London Stadium so playing to a half empty vast stadium isn't an option, as they say, "there's a bum for every seat" and that expression rings true to this day, although until there is a widely available vaccine, actually attending match days in the traditional sense will be a thing of the past.

If all the logistical facilities required for re-starting the season can be put in place then football will resume with matches played behind closed doors, the possible use of 'neutral' venues is due to be discussed early this week, and if project restart is given the go ahead games could start to be played in little over a month.

If West Ham United did end up in the bottom three and suffer relegation it wouldn't be the end of the World, the World has changed so much that worrying about relegation almost seems churlish, what will be will be! - Ed


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