Window Closes, But It Doesn't? Out Goings And Frees

Whilst the UK transfer window closes, the transfer activity hasn't exactly finished yet. Players can be transferred to Europe from the UK until the 2nd of September, in addition players who are out of contract with their clubs can be signed both in Europe and the UK at anytime, before during or after the start of the Barclays Premier League, so in essence the transfer window hasn't (sic) slammed shut!

It is interesting to see how the mindset of fans changes as each new season approaches, even the most negative of Hammers supporters, and there are a few (you know who you are), would be hard pushed to criticise the squad assembled by Manuel Pellegrini and Mario Husillos, aided by David Sullivan's borrowing facilities, that now begins the new season.

Back in the day, fans would be lamenting the sale of at least one of our brightest stars in addition to losing one of the club's top players to an 'elite' club, it was just the way it was, after all, why plough money back in to a 'cash cow' that kept on giving? Thank you Terence Brown, for denying a generation, well at least their families could retire to one of the sites that you owned!

Not too long ago, just holding on to the talent the club had would have been seen as an achievement, let alone being able to embark on a year on year series of superb player acquisitions constantly breaking transfer records. Although bank rolled by loans and other nefarious means, West Ham have begun to assemble a team that is not only good on the eye, but a team that will grow in value exponentially.

Saturday's opening fixture couldn't have been against more difficult opposition, the Pep Guardiola 'love in' will arrive at the London Stadium and more than likely 'juggernaut' the Irons, a defeat being pre-ordained, just the goal tally to debate. After the match the defence will come under scrutiny, much of which will be unfair, the next few matches will give a more balanced example oh how the club will fare in the long run.

If any howling weaknesses are exposed after a few games, there will still be the opportunity of signing players who are out of contract, currently there are plenty, many were made available due to conflicts with their various clubs, others because they were problematic in their personal life, and other because they were useless! However, there are 'nuggets' to be found, and in West Ham's case, the search for their 'KFC' might be dictated by injury, it usually is!

So to use the eternal words of the 'mad' Darren Harry's prediction of the season to come, "buckle up butter cups, it's going to be one 'Hall of a' good ride. - Ed



I think we are certainly more structured,and more forward planning than we have ever been,but that comes with a decent top draw manager,and yes i agree Nev,Terence Brown did deny a generation of just that,and the Cearns family before him.

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He has started to build with young players. COYI

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I enjoyed the football last year and it was great to see us matching and occasionally outplaying teams. Attacking football is what we all want to watch and the additions to our strike force will ensure we carry on the same way this season. Defence looks suspect but it always has.
that 7th place and European football is on this time though as Pellegrini has the team playing as he wants them to from the start. Shame first game is Man City but a draw is possible.
Yes we have lost Arnie but he was disruptive and other players have gone but not our best players they are still here and we do not sell our best players anymore unless they want to go. I also like the acquisition of young talent over the last three years or so and buying players in their 20's not over 30's anymore. Should be a better season than the last one.

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