007 and the Man from Derby

whats all the big noise about the spying? personally i think theres nothing wrong with a manager trying to get some tips about how a team will set up in the match. whats wrong with that? He may be foreign and not care about manners but i give him credit for trying to get the upper hand. its not cheating. in the days gone by id suggest it was commonplace for 'scouts' to go and cast an eye on how the opposition were training, what they were concentrating on etc. is this another case of the modern P.C society getting all up in arms about something so they can get some attention? If i were a Leeds fan id be happy that my manager goes the extra to get results. perhaps frank should try doing the same.

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with his big fat belly

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It was all a misunderstanding there weren't no spies,it was frank who put in an order to try out the leeds pies.

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No spies just Frank's pies!

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Pearce saying the punishment should fit the crime and 3 points to Derby? is he on the sauce? you don't think Cloughie back in the day used to do the MI5 stuff Stuart? wouldn't surprise me if old big ed bugged the opposition changing room!

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What a load of bollox ,you can't stand on public land anymore looking through a fence at a group of guys havin a kick about ?

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Burkie 1

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