Accidents In The Kitchen

Just had my dinner, and was informed that her in doors was defrosting the freezer. Oh god not again! Anyway in our house that generally means I get a miss match of stuff that needs to be used up along with anything out of date to go with it. As I past through the kitchen, I have just witnessed the drabbest dinner ever. It looked like it had been scraped from the back of the cooker and heated up! Hardly a rainbow of colours unless you think a dark greeny black along with beige jelly type substance. Quite honesty I expect to see this in a new bush tucker trial. Got me thinking. Has anyone, their partners or ex partners had any culinary or physical accidents in the kitchen?

Now this is a dish my missus always does with a sunday roast,ive made it myself a few times & if i say so myself it wasnt too bad but obviously not up to her standard!!Though 1 day i made it cos i had some leftover veg to use up,so went to the local shop to buy a cheese sauce,they didnt have any so rather than passing up on the idea i thought id give it a try with cottage cheese...
Wrong move,it doesnt cook!!tried it, nearly threw up & i can still taste it today - not good!!

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Ha ha better make sure my other half doesn't see your recipe 65. When we first got together I asked for a salad and for some reason she made lettuce in cubes! Cubed lettuce! I kid you not. As for me I put a burger under the grill and fell asleep. I woke to the sounds of smoke alarms. Grill was in flames with burger, both ended up swiftly relocated in the back garden.

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I got a similar one to that RNI. I fell asleep on the couch in front of the box one night and just after midnight was awoken by the smoke alarm screeching, I dragged myself into the kitchen and the old man had come in from the pub, put 6 sausages under the grill then gone to bed!! Flames and smoke everywhere. I left the sausages out for his breakfast. What a plank of wood!!
Another one, the ex wife (with good reason) thought she'd reheat some sausage rolls in the oven. Daft mare didn't realise you had to take them out of the plastic container they were in first. I didn't try and eat it, but it's the 1st and last sausage roll candle I ever saw.

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Its like peter kay - Garlic bread!!

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I once worked with a bloke who had a trouser accident whilst working and proceeded to the toilet, where he removed his offending underpants covered in shite. Then put them in his sandwich box to take home for his Mrs to wash.....Cos that's what you'd do with them right?? You wouldn't bin them would you??? Complete weirdo!!

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i bet he used the same sandwich box next day too ….brown bread buttie anyone?

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SAusage roll candle, good one he he. Sometimes this stuff is difficult to eat.

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Talking about plastic,i had a ex girlfriend,who offered me round for Christmas dinner,and the silly cow cooked the turkey,with the bag of giblets still left inside the bird lol

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