Adrian and the defence

Hope moyes sees just how much more settled our defence is with Adrian in goal and not that mercenary Hart.....the players clearly feel more comfortable and confident with a Keeper they no more than one who has been parachuted in by mr sullivan..Adrian has his floors but he is without doubt our number one...i do not no if he will stay come the end of the season but for now lets enjoy a great character who gives his all for the team and we the fans...YO ADRIAN we luvs ya fella

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Something money can't buy and that's Passion

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People said "bilic gets us" I always said that was rubbish. However Adrian actually DOES.

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I have always rated Adrian,has the occasional mad moment but generally solid.If he can cut out the odd bad decision he will be one of the best in the premiership.He is still young and can only improve,surely will be in contention for a world cup place.It's the defence in general that has impressed me in recent games,looks far more solid,and difficult to break down,that can only be down to Moyes and the coaching staff.The formation he is using works ,Moyes knows that the defence was the area most in need of attention,and the hard efforts are paying off.Still a long way to go to be competing at the other end of the league,but from listening to Moyes in his interviews the guy is saying all the right things,I'm impressed,he has a clear picture in mind of how to take this club forward.He has years of experience and has an eye for quality in the transfer market,which he will take advantage of in January.He knows he is short of quality players,and I just hope the board give him the funds and trust his judgement.

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he used to do some reckless things all too often, but he's always made up for that in fight and loyalty.

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spot on ashes, this guy "normally" has one big howler every match, not seen it yet...

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He a terraces cult hero that we've not had for a while especially after that greedy twonk Payet. Hes given the defence confidence, that combined with Moyes organisation is now bearing fruit...

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He's very handsome to:-)

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who? Sully?

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Noooow Michael Bubles

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