All hail, Pep, the footballing Managerial Genius.

tired of hearing the bum licking of this guy. Now hes saying losing 1-0 is better than getting 0-0. I've heard some tripe in my time from the masters like Keegan, but this one is even better. Every time you turn on the t.v to one of these premier league talk shows - its a Pep love fest. The man has 'changed' our football, hes brought training methods only aliens would have thought of, every decision he makes on the pitch is pure genius. well, hes a football manager who has been given an open cheque book like no other. even down to the youth players he brings through (hardly a sniff), everyone has been bought. he picks up the phone and says 'I want...' and he arrives. he says I need 3 top players in every position and its done with a wave of a wand. can you really go wrong with whoever you throw together in an 11 when they are the best players going? well I hate spurs as much as the next guy but I took some satisfaction in having city lose last night.

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