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Zabaletta on a free and £80grand a week looked at sagna as well but decided not gooners releasing jenkinson so another r/b available on a free defoe on a free....well get used to these kind of rumours because we wont be investing the £100million needed to sort the squad out..the problem with freebies is without a fee players get higher than normal wages and a tasty signing on fee and with a squad that is apparently unhappy with the wages being dealt out to some and not others I think this summer will be a minefield for whoever is in charge both in recruitment and keeping established players happy.

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I would think most of us would not be but nobody has signed yet so lets not worry to much but as for jenkinson bilic was not a fan when he was on loan here and after that bad knee injury and mentally does not appear to be strong willed I doubt he will be one of the freebies we will sign this summer.

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theres nothing wrong with a free one. however it has to be the right sort. the big names that are over the hill and at big clubs are no no's. they aren't interested in football anymore…they have reached their pinnacle and now all they want is big pay day to keep up the lifestyle. sagna? zabaletta? no no no. jenkinson would be o.k however, still hungry and willing. as for defoe…its a no brainer if we can get him free. the man is a goal machine…goals goals goals.

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He maybe 35 but he will always score goals,nowadays thats not old (though maybe in footballing terms it is!) he keeps himself extremely fit,so no brainer for me too...maybe zabaletta wouldnt be too bad,if his heart is in it!!As for the rest,sagna,terry etc i would say computer says no!!

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I have 0 expectations for this summer's dealings. We'll get who we get and have to live with it. The 2 Daves talk a big game but haven't really backed it up so why would that change this time. As long as we get at least 6 new players the Dave's will be happy

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While my support for the Dave’s isn’t as strong as it once was I do have some sympathy with them re all of our expectations. As I am telling all the grinning Geordies this morning who expect Mike Ashley to put his hand in his pocket it is easier said than done. There are a lot of teams fishing in the same pond these days so getting decent deals done isn’t easy. We had a terrific transfer window the season before last but there is always an element of luck in how well the transfers work out. I do believe we tried to shop at a higher level last season but so many players just want to play in the Champions League if they move so trying to get to the next level takes time!

Having said all that our owners and their sidekicks do need to keep their lips sealed a bit more and conduct themselves more professionally. We do need a bit of a clear out and we do need to sign some better quality but we also need to balance that out by keeping a British spine ( look at how Collins has given everything since his return) and if we think they are good enough giving Burke, Oxford etc some game time.

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There is a lot of sense in what you are saying aycliffe. Trouble is the Daves have raised expectations themselves not us, and when you do that you HAVE to deliver. Personally if they hadn't done that I wouldnt feel duped. Just a bit of honesty wouldn't go amiss.

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I think we are both old enough Red Neck to remember where you went to a game on a Saturday brought the Evening Standard on the way home then heard very little about West Ham until the following Saturday.

Now we can get West Ham 24/7 if we want so news and speculation is constant. Like I said our owners don’t help their cause at times by saying to much but I agree I think they have raised our expectations especially as this was supposed to be a reason for moving us from the Boleyn so they certainly need to deliver better to Slaven this summer.

I trust all is well in the Red Neck World?

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injured again so I guess that makes him a nailed on target for us

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