Andy Anderson R.I.P. Drummer Extraordinaire Cure And Plus

It is with a heavy heart and massive regret that I post this message, I spoke with Andy just a few days ago, and ironically I just arranged to transfer old 24 track multis to be transfered to WAV files the drums of which were inspired and brought back to life by my wonderful 'one eyed genius', he'll know exactly what I meant, I love you brother and I will see you on the other side.. get that fucking kit ready XX

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RIP. Sorry for your loss Nev. Yesterday I said goodbye to a close family member. He was a great music fan - was only 3 months ago that we went to see The Damned play a gig in Hammersmith together. A lifelong Gooner, a large contingent of fans turned out to his funeral. Reminded me how life is about the good people and characters you know and love.

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