Another one ?
Fuppin hell I know people were saying at the end of last season "we're goin to need a complete new team " but it's getting hard to keep track

Must admit getting a bit worried about too Many signing :) ( never thought i Would say that !!!) hope the owners pockets Are deep enough!! The wage Bill must be massive now and there Are too Many players , but thinking there With a be some exits over the next couple of weeks. It Will take a while for this team to gel. Hoping that Arno wont be sold on the last Day of the window to balance the books !! Exciting times for the hammers!!

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You're not going to see another £20M signing this term. A few players will be sold, too, but not cheap. I agree that this is the start of exciting times. We should expect a better season this time, but we should also give things a little time as long as we see progression. The Daily Mail wrote that West Ham still might get relegated ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a load of tosh!

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Never say never Ashes, stranger things have happened but to be honest if we do it's because we're cursed

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I remember when we appointed Avram Grant,and everyone said what a great manager he was,lucky to have got him,ex Chelsea well known and respected throughout the world,and look what happened there.I dont want to speak too soon,but this time with Pelegrini,i think things will be alot different.I predict that we wont be top six this season,but feel we will command a top ten spot......................Heres hoping.

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We mustn't EXPECT to hit the ground running. Yes we are getting a lot in but our Squad needed to be increased in size and quality. When we got knocked out of Europe the last time we ditched a lot of our squad. Making it far too small and lacking depth and quality. These are being replaced. Rome wasn't built in a day and I don't expect big strides in success this first season. Fortunately there is only 11 on the field at once so some WILL be rotated. I'd run a core of the old players with the new players until everyone is settled. We could easily play rice, noble, ogbonna, arnie,cresswell Antonio and obiang to start.

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Ogbonna and Obiang will not both be at the club by the end of the 'european' window, one or other will be sold to help balance the books. Our money is on Obiang being the most likely to depart.

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I guarantee both of them will be at the club some 1st september

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I'd say you are probably right obiang will be gone. Can't see it being ogbonna. Even so it's all just speculation. No one knows how things can swing. If we bring no one else into replace them then they BOTH will stay.

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I think we have just signed Perez for 5-10 mill if its 5or 6 mill I think this is a good bit of business if it's 10 its a bit too heavy, Arsenal paid 17.5 mill for him in 2016. He is a good back up for Chico or Arnie especially if we get rid of Hugill for the same amount. Don't know about Carlos Sanchez though, they call him the rock don't know where this leaves Obiang and Ogbonna hes a real cruncher and show stopper just hope he ain't an instant red card like he was at Villa in their last season in the prem, he's the only signing that seems to have David Sullo written all over it -2mill nice and cheap but I think he has bought him just as a 4th tier back up.

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I'd say fredricks has sully written all over it! He was basically signed before pelle had arrived. As for Perez I've heard it's 4 mill.

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Imo Fredrick's is our best signing ,with his pace and reading of the game he will offer so much more , 6/4says he's injured in the first 3 weeks

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Burkie 1

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