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interesting article I read the other day where from next season fans of football league clubs who live overseas will be able to buy for £110 a season ticket to watch there fav club play home and away next season that's championship/div1/div 2...iam sure there will be plenty of interest will the prem follow suit? after all I am not interested in watching any other club.

heres the link if you want to see the article or send to a friend.

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every match for free. At the moment....!!! But i would pay that, good price

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Talking to a bloke who was working next door, he is a die hard Spurs supporter who has a season ticket at west ham ! He can't get a season ticket there but as we are more affordable he comes to us and can see all the games for half the price,funny enough when I told him I was a season ticket holder and where did he sit he clammed up! I didn't believe we had these "floating supporters " but I do now

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the club mismanaged the situation because of the fear of a half empty stadium they started dishing out the extra tickets to season ticket holders giving those who had registered but somehow never got a sniff of a chance to get a ticket no chance of ever getting one and so the stories of other clubs supporters going to see us play as they could not afford to get one for there own club started surfacing the club denying what clearly is a proven truth...shame on them shame on them indeed

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5 mins or so from the end of the game the commentators started discussing why so many fans were leaving the ground when we were so close to a great victory. Seems the above would be a valid reason. Too many spuds realising their shot at the title was over. Makes you wonder how many other teams "fans" are pitching up to the LS cos it's cheaper and was so easy to get a ticket? Probably a fair few manure fans considering half of em live in London. Will there be a significant drop in the next couple of seasons as Chelski and Spuds upgrade their own stadiums? How many other teams have so many no home supporters as season ticket holders? Probably not many! Another error by SUGO.

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