Arnautovic ready to leave!

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Whhy is it always man u . There's no loyalty in football now days but we seem to get more than our fair share of deserters

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There we were worrying about whether Issa Diop Would leave, could we hold on to Hernandes Will Adrian stay and these were all big Questions Heard all the pundits talk about Arnie and thought like everybody else He would not leave, he loves West Ham this is just paper talk, and then it came the bolt from the blue and I think it could be the Chelski Blue, not Manure. I don't know How long Arnies contract lasts but If he's going, I hope its not for silly money like 50 mill he has got to be worth 60-65 mill and if these "so-called Big Clubs" want one of our star players to get them in the champions league, then they are going to have stump up the cash, And all we can do is hope there is a dogfight with Man Utd, Chelski Real Madrid etc, Because without him we will struggle we have ato rebuild Especially if Hernandez leaves as well but it ain't the end we've heard it before " no player is bigger than the club. and with big bucks for Arnie this is where Pellegrini and his scouts earn there doe I'd Never heard of Balbuena or Diop before mannny come here, they cost 30 mill for that pair and look how that bit of business turned out, best Partnership we have had for ages. When the cocks sold Bale the money was used wisely and they rebuilt the team, I think Pellegrini is more than capable of doing the same, We're WHU every silver lining has a Cloud

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Arnie wil be 30 in April so any club paying £50 million for him will be buying a player with virtually no sell on value.This is all talk by his money grabbing agent who is also his brother trying to manipulate one more fee.If he goes then thanks and goodbye.The club is bigger then one player, ask Payet. With money in the bank we could sign some more good youngsters like Diop who are hungry to win things, not old has beens who are simply playing for a pay packet.

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