Arnie wins Hammer of the Year

If Arnie won Hammer of the year and Declan Rice and Collins got4% who should get last place. My nomination Andy Carrol

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arnie? is anyone worthy of the award?

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Hes been extremely influential!!!

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Is this one of Sully's goals that failed?

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a fitting accolade to this season is that Hammer of the year 2018 is.... No one! We have not one single consistent player, if, or when, we drop to the Chumps League with Millwall heading in the opposite direction, I cant think of any player I would be that sorry to lose. Chuck in Bilic / Moyes and, most of all the unholy trinity, and you get the biggest way to Eff up a season / club quite possibly in the history of mankind.

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What a poxy season its been & could get even worse as well!!Ive actually enjoyed the last couple of weeks with not having to think about westhams plight,or maybe ive just lost interest in the modern game!!

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