Australia into the World Cup in Russia

I know this has nothing to do with West Ham but as an Aussie I am a happy man.. They played Honduras away and where held to a 0.0 draw and came back to Australia to play tonight and won 3. 1 with Yadinak the ex Palace captain scoring all 3 for Australia even though the first one was put down as an own goal because of the deflection and then 2 penalties. Looking forward to watching Russia 2018 now and it orgers well for the game here.

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Not a great match by any stretch, but a hard fought Aussie victory. We can be proud of them.

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We where lucky mate as the amount of penalties they gave us was the difference. I was surprised that they didn't get many yellow cards but that's the way it goes. Now big Ange has to sort out a team to take with him, the only thing that worries me is there is no one that stands out as a quality striker and that's what we desperately need, we have to many missed chances. Oh well he has several months to work it out.

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Both penalties were nailed on though alby. Pretty sure the tackle from behind for the second one bordered on assault, went straight through the back of him. He might as well have not had the ball!!! Let's hope the Kiwi's can get through now too

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Well done you guys ,gd on yer mate

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Burkie 1

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You little Ripper ;)

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Stick another shrimp on the barbie & open up a few tinnies....

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23rd November onwards is as important as it ever gets and I can not bloody wait.

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