Bombing in dortmund

Well that's the breaking news and whilst its still to be found out who has done this it was really only a matter of time before this kind of thing happened at a major football event...fortunately the player hurt in the explosion on the Dortmund club coach has as is being reported minor injuries but obviously will be in shock.....shocking as it is these kind of events will not stop people going to see the match when its rescheduled of course you will be more wary but by standing together you will show these cowards that decent law abiding citizens will not be cowed.

Is the Dortmund player able to play tonight? Surely if not then they have a disadvantage? Like you say just a matter of time. Just a matter of time things like the World Cup, Olympics commonwealth games etc. these
Events must be notoriously difficult to police. On the plus side I'd expect these events to be policed heavily anyway.

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Worrying times if these terrorists are targeting sport occasions,dont bear thinking about...
Though i thought it was a lovely touch all the dortmund fans putting up monaco fans for the night...
The cowards will never win...

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Was great to see the Dortmund fans putting Monaco ones. Thumbs up from me

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