Carrol Sacko and the board

Don't think Andy Carrol likes it under Moyes having to work hard, so near the Christmas period. Apparently, he jarred his Knee in training, he had a scan and nothing showed up. We needed him last night and he gave the fans 2 fingers - If your not up for the fight then we will buy someone else dont think we will get much for him, but what a great life he has had playing for us and what great wages. Sacko a few weeks ago got his own medical and on one of Billics last games threw a sicky as well, we don't need these type of players at our club and if they don't fancy fighting to stay up Frig them off in the next window, we can do without players pulling those type of stunts here at our lovely club, that is getting screwed with these type players, and if something ain't done we are going to end up like Sunderland and Charlton. D&S reckon they are businessmen, answer us this, how much do they think they will lose when we play in the championship next season and they talk of £20 million pound War Chest" well that's marvellous business acumen, better quadruple that and I still don't think that will be enough after watching the absolute shit against Everton, If they don't, wanna put their hand in their pocket then perhaps they ain't up for the fight either and sell the club

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all started after his back injury and how it was dealt with....and bilic for some reason took a disliking to him and froze him out so sak couldn't be bothered to play for bilic and wanted out...but I think he is one of the best strikers we have had since Dean ashton and given a run of games I think he will be a lot better than the Geordie sicknote

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watching people picked ahead of you who are not scoring...must be thinking what have i got to do to get a fair crack of the whip

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