Any one else of the opinion its time to say goodbye to big Andy ,? We simply cannot go on like this building an attack around a striker thats constantly on the injured list its heart wrenching to come to terms with but the decision has to be made ,its a cruel twist of fate that a player with such talent should maybe end his career in the lower leagues but 90 grand a week is just not feasible for a club of our size when that player is incapacitated for half the season.
So its a goodnight from me and a goodbye from him

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depends on the finances. as a prem league side we should be able to carry him as a squad player. if its at the expense of someone better coming in then i guess he should go. but who would pay anything for him? my view is we need a couple of young, reliable strikers and then it doesnt matter if andy is injured or not…when he's fit then he's an option to have.

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cut his wages and keep him as squad player

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Possibly a team in China, but then I can't see AC heading off to Wuhan. I think sadly we have all (including manager and even perhaps Andy himself) come to realise that it's impossible to count on him being available, so, we have to be satisfied with having him when fit, and then only for short periods. But there should be two qualifications: (1) AC should be the gentleman and renegotiate his contract to something based on performance. NOT GONNA HAPPEN, though. (2) Bilic should ONLY use Carroll when he is fit AND when it suits our needs -- he should NEVER feel obligated to play Carroll when fit just beause he's fit. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. I think AC would pressure Bilic to play him, and he'll fume if he's not in the first team when fit, but there are times when other teams know exactly how to cancel out the big-man-up-front policy and Bilic has to be brave and keep AC off the pitch under those circumstances.

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For me it's a no Rainer to keep him whilst still in contract. When he plays he can score and/or assist, let alone cause general mayhem.
Whilst in contract we don't have to up his wages.
If we sell him we get less than £10m. Can't really get much for that.
If he goes it would only be to a competitor in this country. He's got baby No2 on the way so there's no way he goes abroad.
If he goes to a competitor in the PL we are harming our own chances of possibly 6 points. This seems a silly gamble after the season we've just endured.
Finally, the law of sod dictates he will go to a competitor and find 15 months of injury free form.
For me, money wise, it's a no brainer to keep him in the squad. Wheel him out for appropriate fixtures (Arsenal, Swansea).

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I agree with you. Reduce the wage and keep it, even as it is rightly said, we will not get large amounts of money and sell it to Premier Club, keep him

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No prem club would touch him with a 10 ft barge pole ,you say drop his wages but who would drop the amount necessary to make staying feasible? ,my opinion? 1/2

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Burkie 1

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I thought he was the 10ft barge pole

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Good topic that's bound to get a mixed reaction but for me as mentioned below keep him as insurance. He has shown when he is on the field he has results. For me Sakho is a bigger waste of money. When he has played he has not been great. Of course this is lack of game time too, but he should go first. There is also the added off field antics with his wife, car accidents, and just missing jail time.. the man has a temper and a chip on his shoulder. Again who would want Sakho at this point? pay him off.. I can only see him causing friction in the dressing room.

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Jon Phillips

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