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Heard an incredible stat about the championship on talksh**e this week and thats that in europe it is the 3rd best and most watched league....better than la liga/seri A/ligue 1 only the prem and bundesliga beat it....even though we are not in it i keep up with it and all the other leagues down to the non other country in the world follows football as fervently as we do in this country.....some smart arse tried to ruin the stat by saying more league games played than in the other top division hence more people will go to see but the repost was a beaut when mentioned that watching football over here is by far more expensive on the continent so why such low attendances? mad they say and long may it continue they keep saying we need to learn lessons from the continent well i think they can learn a thing or two about supporting your club whatever division they are in.

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If you look at the performance of the promoted sides over the past several seasons, it shows.

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Personally I just think the quality of the prem has gone down massively

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You're not wrong there Fred! Apart from city the rest have deteriorated significantly and yet the money flying around is obscene. All the extra money has done for the prem is put ordinary players on massive wages! The quality of players bought has infact reduced.

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I agree ,in years to come they'll be no such thing as tranfere fees it will be all about wage demands .
The top six have a strangle hold on the prem ,Sanchez 400 £ a week how can anyone complete with that.
Is it true R M have offered 250 £ for Kane ?

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Burkie 1

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