Dope on a Rope.....!!

So we've signed the dope on a rope (Nasri) the greasy one!!! Must be the injury crisis. Cant see any other reason to upset the apple cart.

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If he plays like we know he can, you won't hear me complaining. Pelli and Nasri have history. Hopefully this will be better than Bilics cosying with Jelavic

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Blimey deluded ,first time ever ,I agree 100%

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Burkie 1

Nasri looks decent

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By Nasri today...he showed the skill and timing on the ball that all top players have and of course does not panic....another master stroke by El Pel.....

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yup in El Pel... we trust and the style of play is great to watch and the ground was packed also just short of 60,000

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