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El Pel a busted flush?

4-1-4-1 El Pels preferred and apparently only formation he wants to play and we lose yet again...the team look lethargic no pace or belief or a clue as to whats going on around them...of course "we are brilliant in training" so all the players say but what about during a game? not one clue any of them.So its about time our wonderful manager who take the plaudits now needs to prove he can change and make us a better team.....against Palace we were Shit and today against Everton we were even worse and don't even try and argue Everton were better because they really were not playing against any kind of opposition.....not one player deserves any praise today and yet again the only one i feel sorry for is Haller as he plows a lone furrow upfront keep dropping deep or wide for any sign of the ball...meanwhile Anderson yet again brushed off the ball easily and making poor decisions Lanzini doing nothing Fornals tried but failed and oh yeah El Pels had a haircut.....this mess needs sorting because playing this formation just is not cutting it i am afraid and we begin our inevitable slide down the table....thanks West Ham for another non performance by all of our over hyped players.

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This is us though Bikey. Inconsistent with a capital Inc.......But as you say though El Pels barnet looked nice....

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You have said it all there Mac,over Hyped players,Anderson what a joke,he loses the ball with ease,if he dosent kick it as soon as he gets it,someone will take it off him,no fire or sense of battle,proper lightweight.

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