El Pel never learns

So a competition El Pel loves and wanted to win sees us thumped 4-0 by a div 1 side and it did not flatter them they deserved it and this follows on from our thumping by Wimbledon in the F.A. Cup last season so it would appear our manager has learned very very little about the players and mentality that they have.Many have said it before and to most it makes sense and that is play your best side get the game won then sub your key players but apparently 3 points in the prem are of more importance than silverware,so onto saturday now and the team have just got to win otherwise what is the point in resting our so called big players.

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You make some good points but Im not in the camp seen on other sites that now want to ditch El Pel. It was a mistake, particularly just one up front, but probably shows up that our squad is just not strong enough and any team that starts with Sanchez in my mind is a problem. good luck to Oxford, I saw them play last season, they are decent. The Liverpool kids showed that they have depth. Its all about Saturday now and turning over the Sand S****ers!!! :o)

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The Moose cup is an outdated competition now 2 leg Semis etc. Most Premier League sides, us included see it as a hindrance. It's always been second fiddle to the FA Cup, something itself that has also dwindled down the pecking order. Despite some pundits trying to rekindle the romance of the competition.

With staying in the Premier League now being the ultimate Holy Grail. For obvious financial implications. In the money lead world of football, these days nothing else matters.

It's a shame as any silverware is welcome to the older die hard fans like myself. Where chasing Europe qualification is now every serious Premier League teams goal these days it seems. Younger fans who haven't been brought up on Domestic Cup competitions since the Premier Leagues inception, notwithstanding not being around in 1980, Brookings header and all that, probably don't see it like us old uns do....

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can't agree. this idea that clubs cant compete in a cup 'and' the league is nonsense. of course they can. there's no real reason to play reserves. you can easily play a strong side during the week and weekend imo

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Its our only chance of silverware,but the clubs dont see it that way,for them being in the prem is the be all & end all.

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Its all about the prem

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I also agree bloody shame though.

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Next season just say thanks for the invite but we'll give it a pass

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Absolutely not Bikey. I feel your pain too. But no matter how much Chilean crap El Pel comes out with. We want to win the cup etc. It's not worth 2 bob to him or the clubs ethos. Prem we stay at all costs. It's a damning indictment of the state of the game unfortunately. The fans come second to the clubs balance sheet....

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Don't understand all this "squad" bullshit. I'm of an age where teams of 13 used to play up to 60 games a season and players didn't go down with hamstring, metetarsal or groin strain injuries. And pitches were like bog gardens. Resting players? Don't make me laugh? On their wages?

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