everton/koeman and the kids

Last season koeman gave some of his academy kids a chance in the everton first team..not on bench but playing time and now its bearing fruit....looking at how two of those kids are playing against citehs multi million pound squad shows that its not all about cash...everton spent big but still giving there youngsters a chance.....slav take note..give the kids experience it will do them a world of good.

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The toffees were tough ,well earned point

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Burkie 1

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looking at the tripe on display so,far we could easily have accommodated rice and oxford imo. rice by default gets his chance due to bilic desperately throwing him on. oxford cudnt be worse than fonte, its just not possible

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Don't know why he isn't in the squad.

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Whilst I agree about the youngsters, (I'm not saying regular games, just some game time) it's all immaterial when you got a manager who turns good players into sh1t ones. Same with our formation, all immaterial. We could easily give Holland a run against Newcastle since he did well in preseason.

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It's beyond me why Oxford has been shipped out on loan. He should have been put in at the end of last season, to get experience. As you say he couldn't do much worse.

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Completely in agreement, Oxford had to stay and grow in the club. With regard to the two young men of Everton, yesterday they played a great match.

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