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Today its paul ince the other day it was T.C. Then Parkes various other football people all saying West Ham fans have got to get behind the club and support the players we are all in this together blah blah blah...well guess what we don't need to be told that they want commitment from the fans well guess what its been there all the time shame you can't say that about our players....so to all those ex players/pundits why not go tell the players to go out and give us something worthy of supporting....we are always here and will be when there poor fragile egos have moved on to some other club....pffff just had to get that off my chest.

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I agree. However its a new dawn. Whether we wanted Moyes in or not, theres been a change. Its an opportunity to restart the season on a more positive note. For me I always question why players stop playing for managers. If they don't like them, or their methods or whatever they still must play for the club. But it happens all the time, look at Leicester, look at us…players just seem to decide they can't be bothered anymore under some managers. Maybe they get tired of seeing them make mistakes, playing people out of positions etc and want to force a change? I don't know but listening to Noble he tells it like it is, nice bloke that he was blah blah, Bilic is gone and its time to move on. a fresh start.

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Noble is spot on,time to move on - a fresh start.Its now down to the players to perform & to give the fans something to cheer about.

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I ike Tony Cottee s analysis in an earlier post from the heart

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Burkie 1

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Spot on MC,no one needs to tell us,and as for ince who'd listen to that wonky eyed twonk.

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Not exactly inundated with offers in the game is he!!;)

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