Turning on the radio this morning(radio 5 live)I heard them discussing a European super league again only this time it appears to of been done behind closed doors...Man citeh/utd chelski Liverpool Arsenal are all involved and whats different this time is it will be in place of the champions league and 16 teams will make it up with no relegation and guaranteed places for 20 years......So I have no doubt this is all driven by money of course but also by people who have no idea about football or the supporters....Already calls were coming in from supporters of those clubs saying no way it would be a disaster and certainly nothing they want and you would say the same for fans of the other clubs across Europe.

Personally I would say to those clubs go on do it because it will fail I would not subscribe to watch that...and the grounds would be half empty with no atmosphere as supporters who may be keen would soon get bored and want to return to there domestic competitions which they left.

Meanwhile the domestic leagues would thrive with the so called big clubs gone others will replace them Everton Wolves Spuds West ham Villa Derby Newcastle all big clubs who would fill the void and make the competition much more competitive plenty of other big clubs I have not named but the point is the fans of these clubs would be winners whilst those of the clubs muting this move will be the losers but then again those who own the clubs do not consider fans important but will realise too late that it is the fans who make the game.

it is no coincidence that all those plotting to do this are owned by foreigners.....Liverpool/Arsenal/man utd...all American owned and whilst moving "Franchises" around the country in American domestic sport may be acceptable to them in this part of the world it is not...look at the anger involving Wimbledon/Mk dons that still exists today look at man utd themselves where those fans who hated the way the direction the club was going under the glasers formed F.C. Utd of Manchester in protest and they are thriving in non league football.

Supporters have the power to stop not buy tickets/merchandise/subscribe to sport channels who have anything to do with what will ultimately be a disaster....businessmen and pure greed are driving this so lets nip it in the bud but if it cannot be like I said I will not shed a tear for those jumping ship to a competition that will be tedious beyond belief but I will feel sorry for fans of those clubs who would not want it too happen because as we all no you support your club whoever they are for life and cannot change whats in your blood.

Nip it in the bud? What on earth are you talking about Mac! I applaud the fact. I'd say it could easily bring the British game back to the fans. Infact I insist they go. I'd much rather watch a game between 2 British teams than the turgid rubbish dished out in European football. 20 years with no relegation? So where is the edge in the league for the also rans? Can you imagine the likes of Spurs or Liverpool fans when they don't win so many games and win nothing else either. I think it all sounds like a breath of fresh air to me. The English domestic game is by far the most powerful to survive this. As for the other countries it could kill their leagues in the same way the scots has gone.

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looking at Man C now and we're fast becoming a one club league. worse than even la liga and scotland. looking at man c squad and ridiculous spending power over seemingly everyone else and we've got ourselves a parade now. they bought success, which to be fair is the only way these days but the scale of their dynasty seems a gulf ahead of even the likes of chelsea. guardiola probably didnt blink an eye when de bruyne got injured again….why would he worry when the queue of replacements is bigger than his own ego?

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Reminds me of when I used to waste time playing football manager. First season in charge of West Ham I would also play as manger of man city and authorise Nigel Quashie's dream move to the manc blues for £35m and replace him with a star signing, selling all the others one at a time and replacing them with better players. Was fun for a short while but then the game becomes broken. Who do you buy when you already have the best? What does victory mean when you've never known defeat?

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