Four in a row?

Saturday was fun boys was it not? but will it be the same next weekend against Fulham and the Tinker man? Well if we defend as poorly as we did for there goals on saturday i would not be so sure.We seem too suddenly have problems with balls crossed into our box and with Mitrovic upfront who is a real handful Diop/Balbuena will have there work cut out for sure hopefully a weeks rest will recharge Zabs batteries and help cresswell get fit for the game and most importantly lets start from the first whistle and not wander about misplacing passes for 45mins giving the other side a chance.Four in a row is very much achievable but only if we apply ourselves as if we are playing a top half team and not one bottom of the league because in many ways it will a tougher game after all what do they have to lose. one final point i must make is that has anybody else noticed how snugly those shorts fit Anderson:-) no lol i am surprised

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We are West Ham and are just as likely to lose 3-0 as win 0-3....agree about the defence dealing with crosses into the box right now but i am sure that the manager and coaches are working on that...biggest problem we have is complacency rmbr Brighton thinking we just had to turn up and win well its the prem league and you cannot take any team lightly...bring our A game we will play them off the park bring our B game we could be licking our wounds again

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Its got 3-3 written all over it!!! The bookies cant really separate us so should be tight... like me after a couple of hours in the boozer before the game!

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Imo it will be easier than the palace game!!hang on this is westham though!!;)

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9-0 to the hammers and Ranieri sacked.

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It looked like the goals were down to players just switching off. Shouldn't happen so easily at this level but take time for pell to drum it into them. We need to be switched on from the 1st minute.

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