Fourcandles & AlloAllo

Both our Summer signings look like money well spent this summer add to that Diagana and Johnson coming on Really well i think we really are in for a great season of attacking football...Forcandles linked up effortlessly with Anderson/Lanzini/AlloAllo and some of the passing and movement was a joy to behold but on the flip side our defending needs to up its game quite a bit Roberto is already giving me Allen McKnightmares in goal so fingers crossed for Fab to stay fit Ogbonna still blows hot n cold Reid will never be the player he once was so i think if all fit El Pel will start the season with this team.
1.Fab 2.Arthur 3.Fredericks 4.Diop 5.Balbuena 6.Wheelchair 7.Rice 8.Anderson 9.Forcandles 10.AlloAllo 11.Lanzini... subs Roberto/Johnson/cressy/ogbonna/Antonio/Noble/Yarma/Chico
All in all we have a side quite capable of battling away for a top 6 spot its just a question as to the players believing it...COYI

Would be a massive achievement,but with the 2 new signings + Anderson,lanzini etc gonna be an entertaining season I reckon

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8th would be good 65,and i feel good about the season ahead,but then i did feel like this at the beginning this time last year,i must be positive,and remember we have a proper bloke in pelegrini,and last season he had to use what he had when he came in,he has added and adjusted areas now,so things can only get better im sure.

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Expect good things this time out,hang on thats put the kiss of death on it!!;)

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lol what are we like for giving players nicknames but they are a term of excuse me men but terms of affection but not in a sloshy unmanly way of course lol

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Top 4 attack bottom 4 defence ;)

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