Ginger Baker Legend

Maybe it's because I am a Muso, but there don't half seem to be a lot of us popping their clogs! Ginger Baker raconteur and rock and roller 1939-2019 R.I.P

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Not many left now Nev... Wish I was alive to have seen Cream play in their heyday

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In my opinion the best drummer I've ever seen. From his early Graham Bond then Cream an too many others to mention. But greatness comes with a price and Baker paid it in full. I remember a concert at Wembley at the begining of some sort of car rally, the band played too long so the powers cut the power GB was greatly pissed and all avoided him for a few hours.
This behaviour continued all his life and either added or subtracted to the legend depending on your views.
The great GB will be remembered with Jack Bruce as part of possibly greatest of all blues bands.

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I got into Punk in 1976 aged 14 and that shaped my life. Now as a fellow drummer I've looked back on his legendary drum solos. He was before my time, but my friends older brothers were well into their prog rock when me and my mates were following The Clash. So I was aware of him back then. My Brother in Law is a massive Ginger Baker fan and waxes lyrical about his work. A somewhat complex character, but a great gift to music....

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