Happy St George's day!!

Whoops,sorry forgot for a moment!!it's Barmy Britain in 2019,oh well back to the stop trump & climate change protests....

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Happy St George's day dave,let's hope we too can slay the dragon that is tottscum Saturday mate.

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technically its not St G day. According to the church calendar poor old George was guzumped by Easter. But I think Brexit and climate change has played a part :o)

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Wish it was more of a celebration like st. Patricks day - should have a bank holiday for it! Proud to be English

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Because of the severe lack of media coverage..sad really that people feel nowadays that to celebrate this day it somehow will be deemed rascist!!I'm English & proud of it but also half irish & the way st Patrick's day is celebrated is great i feel,oh well sign of the times im afraid

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