Hart to play versus City

Apparently Guardiola has been insisting that the loan agreement states Hart has to play versus city. this in the wake of watching his performance against Everton last night.

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Good chance for Adrian to hang on to the gloves after this match. Joe Hart is more wooden than Noahs ark....

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Anybody remember Rooneys last halfway line against us Adriane stepping back and ending in the back of the net> if my memory serves me right he was dropped for the next few matches. So if this is what happened to Adriane why should it not happen to Hart. I Thought last night how we did not need him and how we should have kept Randolph and Adriane this was a luxury to loan hart in the first place. we could have got woods or Devonshire and make our squad bigger. But billic apparantly told the board he did not need a bigger squad. If west Ha m dont buy wisely we are going down I remember thiking that there were worse teams in the league than us. This season we are the worst and if G7S think that a 20 mill "War chest" is going to keep them in the prem then they want arse kicking.

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Back in a westham shirt,even at his age he would show them what flair is all about!!;)

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lol,isn't flatfoot a lucky boy,talk about throwing adrian in at the deep end,go on my son get MOTM

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No doubt he will play great, even if we lose

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And you could see that even the players where more confident, let's face it if you go out to play but you know that your goalie is going to miss 3 or 4 every game you think what's the use of me trying. Hart should be sent back in January with a note saying " you own him, you keep him".

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