How do we beat the saints?

If you were Moyes in the hot seat who would you go for and what tactics? The biggest game of our season and we need to win it. I would go 3-5-2 Adrian, Rice, Ogbonna, Collins, Antonio, Noble, Cullen, Masuaku, Lanzini, Arnatouvic, Hernandez.

Hopefully Hernandez can bag another brace like the reverse fixture - free up Lanzini and Arnatouvic to support him, with Antonio exploiting the space left behind by Bertrand getting forward.

Best form of defence is offense and I hope we can start on the front foot and win. COYI.

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Isnt Lanzini injured ?

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moyes has had the boys locked in the strategy room discussing the tactics for three days now…..the message he's drumming over and over is 'we must score more goals than them'. rumour has it several players still can't understand the game plan.

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Employ mark hughes

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