Hate them or really really hate them it looks like its goin to be a mighty fine stadium ,take it from us Totalscum when it comes to acquiring stadiums on the cheap theres no one as cheap as us ,we're the cheapest

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whats the end game with our arrangement? the board decided it was a good idea to flog U.P and rent the O.S but is the end game to buy the O.S for ourselves? to keep renting forever? to build our own stadium while we are raking in the money at the O.S? Or do the board not see themselves being there when its going to catch up with us? is the idea to sell to richer owners who will either build a stadium or buy the O.S? Can the O.S even be bought? right now we are surely the only club that doesnt own its own stadium? Also why was there such a rush to bulldoze U.P? Couldn't have there been a plan to rent the O.S for three years or so and renovate U.P alongside it and then move back? out of all the options available it looks like we were sold the worst one. here we are now, renting an athletics park with apparently no clause to buy it outright, no home to fall back on and no money left from the sale of U.P?

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Love to know more about ups deal how much they made ,as you say why the rush ,there'll never be another ups ,bloody tragedy

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Burkie 1

As our statesman!!can you imagine the board attempting to answer all those questions!!..."mmm,yes...jumpers for goalposts,isnt it!!up the irons,we are all in it together!!"

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Totally convinced it will be bought by WHU for a knock down price to get it off the hands of the tax payer... watch this space.

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Don't matter how much there dressed up burkie a pig is still a pig

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They interfered MAXIMALLY with our move. First they wanted to keep us from the stadium, then to take it, then to keep us from buying it, and then just generally to f*** with us after we landed it. I'm certain that all of that was designed either to get a better deal for themselves or to hurt us (or both). But after all that, they will end up with a proper football stadium in their patch, whereas we end up with a white elephant on stilts.

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