"Impossible to get any worse"

More words from El Pel after the wolves debacle.....oh how he clearly does not understand this club...things can and usually do get a lot worse and very quickly at that....Fabs now injured nasri has suffered the dreaded knock the sulks ink not dry on his new contract and ooops he is injured too....as someone recently said this club used to be a circus run by clowns it seems they have come back!
Players cannot be bothered why should we as fans be bothered? how big a shock would it be if they run out against the scousers or whoever and find only the away fans have turned up....these sulky self centered multi millionaires who think they have it so hard really need too do an honest months(not a day but they prob not last that) work up at the crack of dawn in the freezing cold scraping the frost of the car window hoping the bugger starts grafting for 12/15 hours freezing your nuts off get home in the dark have a shower a cuppa tea if your lucky a hot meal then maybe an hours chill time with that special person in your life before bed and starting the whole thing over again 6/7 days a week with no winter break no warm weather training nobody to pander too your every whim. because shopping or paying bills is to difficult a task for the poor little footballers they get others too do it as they have other important stuff too do mmm have not figured that out yet and doubt i ever will!...best stop there spleen has been vented

They don't understand but they don't need to...too much money in the prem has spoilt them all

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Its the modern Prem league way, over paid journey men with zero loyalty!

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i wonder how the lower league player feels - he works a day job and then plays football for his club - come fa cup and he gets a 'dream' match against some big prem league legend. come match day and he's coming face to face (most likely with the reserves) with a player who gets paid 20 times or more than he does for basically sitting on the bench or in the reserves. the whistle then goes and he finds out that actually he has far more love for his club and more motivation to win than anyone in the opposition team.

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Watching the transfer deadline tonight and there was a player coming through arrivals,can't say who it was and where he was goin ,not that bothered ,but people were asking him to pose for a selfie ,well you should have seen his attitude ,he didn't smile or lean his head in ( the way you do ) it was like " fukin plebs will someone get me out of here "

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Burkie 1

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Thats the young man you were seeing Burkie1 and yup he just kind of stopped like a store mannequin and then walked on no smile no emotion good god these people are a sorry bunch as mr bikeman said what would they do if they actually had to work for a living

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