Its over, lets get on with the business.

so its all over, thankfully. no negatives on this post - the positives are we made two decent additions to the squad in fonte and snoddy. before the window we started to play some very decent stuff so nothing drastic was needed anyway. ayew will be returning in a week or so and even though a lot of people think he's pants i say give him a bit of time he will be decent. for what its worth he's ghana captain and so far has led the team to the semis taking some big penalties for them. he needs to play in his best position imo which is attacking midfield so with the man we never speak of gone maybe this is the perfect chance for him to slot in there. lets not forget he was a good player at swansea. its all fingers crossed that andy stays fit as options there are minimal but i hope bilic persists with two up front and doesnt revert to one now that we've had a break….be positive slaven….

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be peace amongst us fellow orgers now after all we all want the same thing(a right back!)and the windows shut so cannot do anything other than keep everything crossed specially for tonights game against citeh....I hope we play two up top and get at that joke of a keeper they have its a wait and see I guess.

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isn't the loan window still open?? hahahahahahahaha

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