Jeremy Corbyn new manager?

Doesn't have a clue but believes he did a good job but ultimately failed in spectacular fashion and soon to be out of a job if we can get him on a free he sounds like the perfect fit for us:-)

As soon as Corbyn was made hasn't been the party for the working class since least with Boris he will try to get things done,as for pel I reckon he will be sacked in the morning

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After match interview with Jeremy Corbyn - "Mr Corbyn, your side just lost 11-0 to Southampton, will you be resigning and can you explain to the fans what happened?"

J.C : "Well, no I won't be leaving the club, It wasn't my fault, all 11 of those goals were Brexit's fault."

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The climate change activist has congratulated Great Britain for being Corbyn free:-)....i'll get my coat

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Labour lost more seats than luton did in 85 ;)

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I remember seeing this Buffoon called Boris with a megaphone going up and down the Thames in a boat, bellowing out how Londoners should vote for him as Mayor of London, spoiling my pint as I was trying to relax at the Founders Arms one Lunch Time. He ousted a Lefty. He has just ousted another Lefty in Corbyn and amazingly come in with a thumping majority, the guy is a Liar and first rate idiot as is Trump but perhaps Labour and the Liberals should learn from this that we in Britain (England actually) are mainly fed up with the promise of left wing politics and wishy washy Liberal polices and want an idiot instead who wont give us what we want but makes us laugh. :-)

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