Judus ,Barabas and Lucricia

Just wondering if this club goes down the pooper just how are those three going to square it ,I can't think of another senourio like this ,They sell one of the best loved grounds in the premiership and turn it into a car park and rent a hideous athletics stadium ,their incompident management of West ham is obvious.
Please don't interpret this post as any sort of insightment but with the amount of bad feeling out there and the enormity of whats happening i know one thing i wouldn't be hanging around

Burkie i know just how your feeling along with the rest of us, but unfortunately our blood runs claret and blue and will always support west ham even when they play in the parks !!!!! see you on the touch line buddy . :-)

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Goes without saying mate

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Burkie 1

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wimbledon started over. next year they move back to rebuilt plough lane. they have been reborn, have a new stadium soon and I think im envious.

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